Side Effects of Alcohol Consumption

People addicted to alcohol are at a high risk of various health problems. These health problems can be temporary but even permanent at times. Some of the harmful effects of alcohol on the human body are:

  • Alcohol shows an instant impact on the brain. This process starts as fast as 30 seconds on the clock. Alcohol slows down the chemicals and pathways that brain cells use to send messages. Because of this we cannot think or remember properly. The person cannot maintain his body balance. Reflexes also slow down and the person becomes lethargic.
  • Extreme consumption of alcohol can permanently change how your brain looks and function. Firstly the brain cells start to change and become smaller. Eventually, the brain gets smaller in size which affects the ability to think, learn, and recall things. Moreover, you can experience sudden changes in body temperatures.
  • Alcohol isn’t good for your stomach. It triggers the flow of digestive juices and irritates the inner lining of the stomach. Excess stomach acid can lead to vomiting and a feeling of nausea. Prolonged drinking cause painful sores in the stomach known as Ulcers. After a while, you won’t feel hungry and this will affect your diet.
  • All the alcohol that you drink is broken down by your liver. Drinking in an uncontrolled manner for a long period makes the liver fatty. It has to handle a lot of toxins while processing alcohol due to which thick and fibrous tissue builds upon the liver. This hinders the adequate blood flow that needs to flow through the organ. The liver cells start to die and it stops working properly causing a disease known as Cirrhosis.
  • Alcohol interferes with the electrical signals that maintain the heart’s rhythm steady. Years of drinking can bring permanent changes in the way your heart functions. Heart muscles start to behave much like a rubber band and become less efficient in pumping blood to the different organs. This has a major impact on the overall functioning of the body.

These were some of the harmful side effects of consuming alcohol. Coastal Detox is a licensed Alcohol detox center that has been successful in helping people get off the addiction of alcohol. Coastal Detox designs custom treatment plans based on the patient’s medical and drug use history. This ensures that these plans are best suited to you for a speedy recovery.

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